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Released 1 March 2015, new single by European Radio:
Wake Up Call / Stop Me In My Tracks

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About European Radio

European Radio are Sam Duffy on vocals and Pete Roberts on keyboards. We first collaborated on a track in 2009 and left it an impressive five years before doing a second. Realising an album would take around fifty years at this rate, we've knuckled down in the last year with a growing set of material.

We record and produce ourselves using a motley collection of ancient synthesisers and field recordings, combined with virtual instruments and unique soundscapes created within the computer.

Pete is also behind Alpha Seven, an ambient/electronica project best known for releasing Great Lift Journeys of Norwich and tracks featuring dishwashers or radio telescopes. Sam is a singer, saxophone player and researcher in music and interaction. Saved from a career as a chartered accountant, she has previously recorded with the Vince Rogers Project and has a secret love of performing in cheesy covers bands.

We have a huge range of influences but our love of a good tune and experimentation appeals more than sticking to a particular genre. Hence the electronic, sometimes dark, sometimes 70s easy listening-tinged, indie pop with a tune you can hum. Here be earworms.


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